23 May
20 Apr

Google is changing – are you Google mobile friendly?

Website template on multiple devicesFrom Wednesday the way Google ranks websites in searches from mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets will change.

The new rankings will favour “Google mobile friendly” websites. Google will still rank desktop only sites but they will be ranked lower than their mobile counterparts.

Digital strategist Ewan Watt, or roi.com.au, believes these changes could disadvantage the majority of Australian companies, considering 66 per cent of the nation’s websites weren’t optimised for mobile devices.

The changes not only affect small to medium-sized companies.

Roi.com.au analysis shows 51.5 per cent of ASX 200-listed companies, including Domino’s Pizza, Coca-Cola Amatil and BHP Billiton, do not have mobile-friendly sites and, consequently, will fall in Google search rankings.

A website design needs to be responsive without redirecting to separately hosted mobile site, common mistakes seen are  content not scaling properly for a mobile device separate versions of the desktop and mobile site in operation with different content.

What can you do?

The fastest way to take your website mobile is by implementing one of our hosting packages starting at just $2/month. Get us to design a site for you and be optimised for mobile. Your site will automatically render to suit the users device. Whether it’s a PC, phone or tablet.

Want us to design a site for you?

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19 Apr

ABS: Australian business slow with online stores

vector business online shopping and e-marketing

We’ve all heard it, global e-commerce is taking over and is the ruin of traditional bricks and mortar business. In reality it’s not about ruin it’s about opportunity. An opportunity to evolve, improve your business model, reduce costs and reach a far wider customer base than you’ve ever dreamt possible with a simple online store.

While 91.9% of Australian businesses had internet access, less than half (44.6%) had an online presence. ( Australian Bureau of Statistics )

If your business doesn’t have an online presence, how can you expect your business to compete and survive?

The hurdles small businesses see in establishing an online presence are

  • Setup Cost – Seriously? At just $29 per month for our corporate hosting package you get an online store ready to add your new shopping cart site.
  • It’s too hard – All around the world literally millions of businesses small and large are embracing e-commerce. Increasing sales, improving their profit margins, opening up to a global customer base. If it really was hard would so many others be doing it?

So in retail we can adapt or die. Take e-commerce as a brilliant opportunity and run with it or sit back and watch the business dwindle and complain about the other people that seized the opportunity.

Which retailer are you?

E-Commerce Start Up

Get your own web store up and running fast.




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