19 Apr

ABS: Australian business slow with online stores

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We’ve all heard it, global e-commerce is taking over and is the ruin of traditional bricks and mortar business. In reality it’s not about ruin it’s about opportunity. An opportunity to evolve, improve your business model, reduce costs and reach a far wider customer base than you’ve ever dreamt possible with a simple online store.

While 91.9% of Australian businesses had internet access, less than half (44.6%) had an online presence. ( Australian Bureau of Statistics )

If your business doesn’t have an online presence, how can you expect your business to compete and survive?

The hurdles small businesses see in establishing an online presence are

  • Setup Cost – Seriously? At just $29 per month for our corporate hosting package you get an online store ready to add your new shopping cart site.
  • It’s too hard – All around the world literally millions of businesses small and large are embracing e-commerce. Increasing sales, improving their profit margins, opening up to a global customer base. If it really was hard would so many others be doing it?

So in retail we can adapt or die. Take e-commerce as a brilliant opportunity and run with it or sit back and watch the business dwindle and complain about the other people that seized the opportunity.

Which retailer are you?

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